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Innovative food solutions in line with the industry’s quality standards .

“ If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”
Albert Einstein

What better way to be inspired.

As consumer demand evolves with changing lifestyles, the need for convenient options without a compromise on the quality or taste. And that’s exactly what we offer. At Igloo Foods, we leverage innovative food solutions in line with the industry’s quality standards to offer our customers convenient products that are nutritious and tasty.

Igloo Foods addresses this need by investing in innovative ideas and state of the art technology. We are constantly looking for pioneering solutions that help improve our existing line and develop new products that meet our client briefs.

Our Innovation Process

We are constantly looking for pioneering solutions
meet our client briefs.

Stage 1
Market Research

Our dedicated research team is always on their feet using the latest reports and industry insights to gather data on factors and technologies that can help improve our products. They are constantly carrying out market research to understand the change in trends such as urbanization, population growth, and change in consumer behavior.

This market research will help our chefs and manufacturing team to come up with new menus and get first-hand knowledge of technologies that can help us to meet increasing demands and develop new products that meet our client’s briefs.

Stage 2

Our experienced food technologists and chefs use their experience and skills to interpret the data from the market research to create concepts that will help bring our client’s brief or their own idea to life.

Stage 4
Production and Distribution

After carrying out several tests, we try to tweak the findings to perfection in order to ensure our clients are satisfied and we produce a product the consumers will love.

Stage 3
Recipes and Testing

Before we start the mass production of any product, we carry out a series of testing to ensure they meet the required standards. All manufacturing procedures are carried out according to our SOP, SSOP & quality control program as stated in our HACCP manual.

This manual complies with US FDA HACCP/ GMP regulation (21 CFR, part110) and/or codex alimentary guidelines on GMP (EC directives, 91/493/EEC and 94/356/EC).This testing allows us to identify if there are any issues that may need to be fixed before mass production.

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By partnering with us you'll never have to worry about how or where to get the best of the best ingredients or food products that are manufactured in line with industry standards because we’ve got you covered!