Product development is the key to success

Food Accelerator

Industry statistics make it clear that you need passion, but practical passion composed of great marketing, product positioning, and shelf strategy is necessary to increase your chances of success in the consumer food arena.

Product development is the key to success. On a continuous basis, the products should be innovated, improved and the processes made efficient to reduce costs and wastage.

We move towards what customers want and build the systems to execute on a larger and larger scale. This is how we build brands to last.
  • Develop new products.
  • Analyze existing processes.
  • Evaluate ideas for the future.

Our Facility covers a wide range of products including;

  • Equipment for peeling and blanching and range of fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat processing and preparation equipment including sausage fillers and meat slicers.
  • Mixers, blenders, homogenizers for products such as soups and sauces.
  • Thermal technologies, chilling and freezing - Cryogenic Inline Freezer.
  • Hot air and freeze driers for preparation of ingredients for dried mixes or lab samples.
  • Airblast chillers and freezers for ready meals as well as fruits and vegetables.

Once your products and processes are designed we can offer support with cooking instructions and process validation.

We are the best at what we do

By partnering with us you'll never have to worry about how or where to get the best of the best ingredients or food products that are manufactured in line with industry standards because we’ve got you covered!