Farm to Fork

The main driving forces behind the farm to table or farm to fork movement, whichever you prefer to call it, have to do with the ethics of food production. there are four pillars to the movement:

  • Food security

    Development of local food systems

    The farm to table movement increases the scope of food security to move beyond the food needs of individuals or families and look at the needs of both the larger community, with a focus on low-income households.

  • Proximity

    Developing relationhips

    The goal is to develop relationships between the various stakeholders in a food system such as “farmers, processors, retailers, restaurateurs, consumers” and more. reduces the environmental impact of transporting ingredients across states or countries.

  • Self-reliance

    Generating communities

    One of the goals of farm to table is to generate communities that can meet their own food needs, again eliminating the need for outside resources or long distance transportation of food.

  • Sustainability

    For the future

    The core idea here is that farm to table food systems exist in a way that doesn’t stifle “the ability of future generations to meet their food needs,” meaning that it doesn’t destroy re-sources in the process.

Integrating farm intelligence

to continually direct our energy and efforts toward developing the best growing and living conditions for crops and animals

That said, the farm to fork movement includes other goals as well, such as increasing the health of a community and increasing access to food across an entire community.

Enhancing soil nutrition and defending crops and animals against pests and diseases to meet the consumer's demand for a safe and wholesome food supply.

Our research and development team will continue to assist farmers to become even more pro-ductive, to seek improvements in the safety and wholesomeness of food, and to achieve all of this with minimum impact on the environment.

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