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The Power House Behind Several High-Quality Breaded Products and Fresh Foods in India.

We ensure you get the Best

  • Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

    Our facility is equipped with the best of its kind Advanced Cryogenic Inline Freezing Tech-nology that retains the freshness of food from production date till the time of consumption. You can rest assured of getting fresh foods every day, all day.

  • Green Protein

    Our expertise of specialist vegetarian and vegan products enables us to offer expert advice on nutrition and food service green menu planning. There are more products in our portfolio, please contact us for more information.

  • Farm To Fork

    We continuously assist farmers to become even more productive, to seek improvements in the safety and wholesomeness of food, and to achieve all of this with minimum impact on the environment.

  • Food Accelerator

    Product development is the key to success. On a continuous basis, the products should be inno-vated, improved and the processes made efficient to reduce costs and wastage.

  • Traceability Page

    Igloo Food’s effective traceability systems significantly reduce response times by providing more rapid access to relevant and reliable information at every point in the chain from producer to consumer maintaining control at the source.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    We are always happy to work with you in order to find the perfect menu to meet your cus-tomer’s needs. Our agents work with you as one to ensure we understand your needs and de-liver just that and much more.

How do we redefine Freeze Theory

About Us

Igloo Frozen Foods is a new-age Indian company that identified this need and stepped up to meet the demand. Our founders have about 150+ Years of collective experience in the fields of Corporate Planning, Branding Strategy, Production-Sales Operations, and Supply-chain Management garnered from helping multinationals expand their business growth.

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By partnering with us you'll never have to worry about how or where to get the best of the best ingredients or food products that are manufactured in line with industry standards because we’ve got you covered!